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125 Brain Games for Babies (bruktbok)

125 Brain Games for Babies (bruktbok)

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Simple Games to Promote Early Brain Development

What Brain Research Says: Researchers now confirm that how you interact with your baby and the experiences you provide have an impact on his emotional development and learning abilities.

• Find several pictures of a baby and hide them in different places.
• Chose places that are familiar to your baby—in the toy box, on the ceiling above the changing place, or under a plate on the highchair.
• Say, “Let’s go find the baby.”
• Ask different questions: “Is it in the sink?” “Is it on the chair?”
• Finally ask the question, “Is it in the toy box (or other place)?”
• When your baby finds the picture, praise him and clap your hands.
• You can play this game with pictures of family members and friends.


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