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A Handbook For Wiccan Clergy, Kevin M. Gardner

A Handbook For Wiccan Clergy, Kevin M. Gardner

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This is THE handbook for Clergy ofthe Wiccan faith. Additionally, this work would also prove to be a great aid toall other Pagan paths. There is currently no other book of this sort on themarket. With Handfasting, and funeral services, guided meditations andspiritual messages this book will be used again and again. “A Handbook ForWiccan Clergy” is a valuable tool for all High Priests and HighPriestesses of whatever tradition to have and utilize. Far from being a Wiccan101, or “spell” book, this work is only intended for advancedpractitioners.”A Handbook For WiccanClergy,” continues to pull in rave reviews, HealingWolf of FaDraSha hassaid; “This is a “must have” book for more advanced witches. Ifyou ever counsel others or act as high priest(ess), you’ll want this greatreference book.” Edain McCoy has also read this work and has proclaimed itas “Wonderful” and “It is well past time that a book of this typeshould be available.” Serpent Stone said; “This book is a wonderful guidefor both new and experienced Priests and Priestesses, and covers areas asvaried as Rites of Passage, mythology (including techniques and rituals forconnecting with the ideas, teaching and energies of the myth), meditations,personal growth and awareness, and pastoral counseling. All of these are areasthat have been sadly lacking in any comprehensive volume before this, but whichare essential to working effectively as clergy.” And most recently fromMarlevane’s Book Reviews “This book gets right down to business. Kevin (Templeof Ishtar) writes this book geared towards rituals for performing all rites ofpassages. No Wiccan Priest or Priestess should be without this book in theircollections! This book is a real gem to the Pagan world and to all magickalpractitioners.”

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Ny eller brukt En bok fra Primstaven antikvariat
ISBN 0-89314-837-7
Artikkelnummer Artikkelnr 12000713
Språk Engelsk
Antall sider 229
Innbinding Heftet
Utgitt 1995
Bokens tilstand Pent eksemplar


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