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A Veterinary Materia Medica and Clinical Repertory

A Veterinary Materia Medica and Clinical Repertory

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The landmark text about the inner workings of the unconscious mind–from the symbolism that unlocks the meaning of our dreams to their effect on our waking lives and artistic impulses–featuring more than a hundred images that break down Carl Jung’s revolutionary ideas

“What emerges with great clarity from the book is that Jung has done immense service both to psychology as a science and to our general understanding of man in society.”–The Guardian

“Our psyche is part of nature, and its enigma is limitless.”

Since our inception, humanity has looked to dreams for guidance. But what are they? How can we understand them? And how can we use them to shape our lives? There is perhaps no one more equipped to answer these questions than the legendary psychologist Carl G. Jung. It is in his life’s work that the unconscious mind comes to be understood as an expansive, rich world just as vital and true a part of the mind as the conscious, and it is in our dreams–those personal, integral expressions of our deepest selves–that it communicates itself to us. A seminal text written explicitly for the general reader, Man and His Symbolsis a guide to understanding the symbols in our dreams and using that knowledge to build fuller, more receptive lives.

Full of fascinating case studies and examples pulled from philosophy, history, myth, fairy tales, and more, this groundbreaking work–profusely illustrated with hundreds of visual examples–offers invaluable insight into the symbols we dream that demand understanding, why we seek meaning at all, and how these very symbols affect our lives. By illuminating the means to examine our prejudices, interpret psychological meanings, break free of our influences, and recenter our individuality, Man and His Symbols proves to be–decades after its conception–a revelatory, absorbing, and relevant experience.

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Utgitt 1992


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