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A force for good – The Dalai Lama’s vision for our world

A force for good – The Dalai Lama’s vision for our world

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‘It is not enough merely to espouse a noble vision, the Dalai Lama tells us – we need to move toward it. The Dalai Lama’s vision beckons us all. Every one of us can be a force for good’

The Dalai Lama has for decades travelled the world, meeting people from all backgrounds and sharing with them his wisdom and compassion.

In his encounters with everyone, from heads to state to inhabitants of shanty towns, he has come across similar problems: values that help the wealthy to advance beyond the poor, an environmental disregard that could lead to global catastrophe and governments in paralysis, bereft of any positive, progressive policies.

The Dalai Lama offers here his unique vision for a global economic system, one that applies principals of fairness and which values fulfilment, focusing on what is truly urgent and why. It is a manifesto that has the potential to reshape humanity as we know it and bring hope to millions.

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ISBN 978-1-4088-6343-5
Artikkelnummer Art 13676
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Utgitt 2015
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